Better life Project



All children aged 3-5 years old in target villages in Northern Shan State are ready to be successful in school through quality, inclusive ECCD services, and support.


Project Summary

It is a 1-year project, being implemented in Northern Shan State and focuses on providing ECCD services in Lashio, Hsipaw, and Mone Yae Townships. It is designed to promote Parental Education and enhance quality ECCD education in target ECCD centers within 10 villages, in addition to improving functioning ECCD committees and infrastructure. Direct beneficiaries in this project are 775 and indirect benefices are 6785. It is an innovative parenting approach with a holistic child development focused on children from birth-8, including children with disabilities. There are two interventions to achieve the objective of increased number and proportion of child accessing and completing quality basic Education: the first intervention involved initiating target villages, provide parenting education to community members, and helping them apply the knowledge in all areas of their lives; the second intervention engaged in enhancing ECCD centers which MM has implemented the parental education and supporting.