Increasing Immediate Access to Food and Livelihood Opportunities in Central Rakhine State

 The overall project objective is to provide lifesaving emergency food security and livelihood assistance to conflict-affected populations and vulnerable groups in Central Rakhine State. The Project will meet immediate humanitarian needs, while building community self-reliance and resilience, through productive asset creation for both communities and individual households. The project will target women’s participation in activities in order to improve access to gender transformative income-generating opportunities.

The project aims to meet the emergency food assistance and early recovery needs of 1340 HH (7941 persons, 1253 M, 1427 W, 2460 B, 2801 G) in Rohingya, Mro and Rakhine communities in Kyauktaw and Ponnagyun. This will be achieved through two key outcomes.
  • Outcome 1: Vulnerable households are enabled to meet their basic food needs
  • Outcome 2: Vulnerable households are provided with cash and in-kind resources to restore, protect and improve their livelihood opportunities.

Cash for Assets measurement in Target Village


Conducting assessment/feasibility and Engineer assessment in Target Village


Conducting assessment/feasibility in Target Village (Meet with villagers, project and gender sensitization, forming management committee to manage cash for assets, livestock, home gardening, and business startup grant)

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