Story of Ma Ar Chay

My name is Ar Chay. I live in Ka Paing Chaung village. I have 10 family members. My Husband, my big son and I are working for our daily needs before getting the asset renovation project from Meikswe Myanmar Organization. I know your organization’s name is Meikswe Myanmar. We are working random jobs day by day. I have two children under eight. I am 45-year-old and my husband is 51-year-old now. 

We do not have enough food daily. Sometimes we can make a lot of money in a day but sometimes we have nothing to eat at all. It depends on the job in which we get daily income. Sometimes, we have to borrow rice from neighbors and gave back the debt when we cut rice paddy or do random jobs. 

We bought many foods and medicine with supports from this project. At present, the health conditions of our family are fine now. I have two children who do not attend school because we are unable to support them. However, I am supporting my 6 children to be able to attend school. 

If Meikswe Myanmar could support us more, I would like to do more jobs which gets more money. And I want a stable job for my family’s livelihoods. As for me, whatever Meikswe Myanmar supports us, I am ready to take and participate in all. Moreover, we do not have a toilet so that we have to go outside where has plenty of bushes. I wish Meikswe Myanmar will support our toilet. 

Family of Ma Ar Chay