Story From Rakhine State

Story of Ma Htwe,

My name is Ma Htwe. I live in Pan Pa Yat village in Mrauk U Township. I am 42-year-old now. I got married and my husband is 44-year-old. There are seven family members in my family and I have five children. I have a child who is under five years old. Both my husband and I do random works for family’s livelihood as labors. We pluck vegetables, pick up mollusks and sell so we can buy for our foods. My husband has arthritis disease so he cannot work much. I have asthma disease. I and my husband cannot afford to take medicine daily because we can buy our foods only when we work daily. We have a lot of family members so sometimes foods are not sufficient. Often, we have to borrow cash for foods. We give back when we get work. 

My eldest daughter’s name is Thu Zar Oo and she sits the grade-9 examination. {Interview to Thu Zar Oo; “I am Thu Zar Oo. I want to continue my education after passing my grade-9 class. Moreover, I would like to be a teacher because I want to support my family and my little brothers and sisters. Otherwise, I want to provide them for their education.”} 

I wish to continue my eldest daughter’s education. She passed her exam year by year and she is bright. As for me, I would like to support her but I have no money. So, we aim her to work with us without continuing her education. Therefore, there are three people who work in our family so we might have regular income about 10,000 kyats daily. In my family, I have to cook 10 tins (5kg) rice for morning and 10 tins rice for the evening. 

We do not have any pig, duck, and hen in the house and toilet too. We have no money to save because the money we got by daily work can only afford our daily foods. Now, labor charges supporting by Meikswe Myanmar funding by World Vision, we can buy and eat rice, salt, oil, dried-fish, vegetable, and fish-paste, etc. We could not buy a pack of rice before Meikswe Myanmar support, however, supporting can take for a week. 

We are willing MM to work for more livelihood activities in Pan Pa Yet village. One of my dreams is animal husbandry in my house. Moreover, I want my daughter to attend a sewing course and wish her to try with this craft for her living. We deeply thank Meikswe Myanmar for giving us work opportunities and make our village have a big pond.