Story of Ma Khin Myaing Win

My name is Khin Myaing Win. I live in Ka Paing Chaung village, Mrauk U Township. I am 34-year-old now. I have 7 family members. My husband is 39 years old and he is suffering a stroke while he is struggling for family and it is not inborn. It happened when we got the second baby and this baby is also a disabled person. I have 4 children. Among them, two are not only deaf but also dumb. But one of them is attending school at grade-7. However, it’s not fine because she cannot hear what the teacher teaches. My son, my big sister and I are working for the family’s livelihoods. 

Meikswe Myanmar helped and supported my villages such as road renovation and bridge-building. And I was happy when we could buy some rice and salt for our meals. Moreover, I bought fish-paste, and glutamate with that support money and also curry. I have many family members that why livelihood has been difficult for me day by day. We cook rice 12 tins for a day. 

Before getting support from Meikswe Myanmar, I did random jobs such as digging, fishing, and reaping. If I don’t have to do any job, we have no food, then I borrow some money from my neighbors and give it back after getting a job. I do not own like rice farm, pig and cow. And the only I have 8 chicken also die with diseases. 

I wish Meikswe Myanmar support us in the toilet and more road renovation because transportation is not quite good in the rainy season. And I don’t have any vision for my children but I wish them to be the best. I would like to do my own small shop for our livelihoods to be stable. 

Family of Ma Khin Myaing Win, two were working away while interviewing