Story From Rakhine State

Story of U Aung Than

I am U Aung Than, I live in Min Thar Seit village Kyawt Taw Township. I have 10 family members, 4 males, and 6 females and among them, 2 girls are under 5 years old. I have 1 daughter, matriculation students and for 1 more daughter and 2 sons, I cannot support and send them to school. So, I send them to Hay Mar Ma Dyaing Monastery School. I currently working as a farmhand only 1 or 2 days a week. We are mostly working as casual labors and in Monsoon if we got heir as farmhands, we got 7000 (Seven Thousand) Kyat per day for our living. More than enough income, we have slightly enough foods as long as we were working as casual labors. 

I am glad that when I heard that Meikswe Myanmar would come and implement a project of pond renovation in our village and in the situation of political unsustainability was a chance for us to survive. I would be the participants of road renovation and would get the wages. I am interested in the project, I did participate in 20 working days of the project in our village only in nights because of my wife, diabetes patient who could not work in day times.

By labor charges supported by Meikswe Myanmar, I bought foods for our family meals such as rice, oil, salt and fish paste. But this year, our income for the living of family has become raised as we got the job opportunities created by Meikswe Myanmar. I saved both my casual labor wages and pond renovation labor wages for my children’s school expenses and house expenses. Therefore, incomes for our family has been raised this year. 

We want Meikswe Myanmar to do road renovation through villages in our village. We are deeply thankful to Donors and Meikswe Myanmar for the implementation in our village. 

U Aung Than’s Family
U Aung Than’s Home in Min Thar Seik Village