Story of Maung Swe Swe

 I am Mg Swe Swe, I live in Na Din village in Mrauk U Township. I have 11 family members, 5 males, and 6 females. There are 2 girls who are under 5 years old and a disable one (male) in my family. We are doing agriculture for our living. We frequently meet with insufficient foods in our family as we have many family members, costs for health care and because our business conditions are not well. 

I am glad that when I heard that Meikswe Myanmar would come and implement a project of road renovation in our village and I would be the participants of road renovation and would get the wages. I am interested in the project, I and my father did participate in 28 working days of the project in our village. 

By labor charges supported by Meikswe Myanmar, I bought foods for our family meals such as rice, some meats and vegetables and, fish paste. We do sell Dhani thatch (palm tree leave) for the living of our family. Works are rare in every summer. But this year, our income for the living of family has become raised as we got the job opportunities created by Meikswe Myanmar. We participated in a road renovation project and keep continue selling Dhani thatch. Therefore, incomes for our family has been raised this year. 

We want Meikswe Myanmar to do health projects and clinics in our village. We are deeply thankful to Donors and Meikswe Myanmar for the implementation in our village. 

Maung Swe Swe Interviewed by MeikSwe Myanmar
Maung Swe Swe’s Family